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Vida Herăstrău
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Vida Herăstrău

Authors: arh. Bogdan Neagu
Firm: nbc arhitect s.r.l.

Arhitectura: arh. Dragos Constantin, arh. Ovidiu Lucaci, arh. Mariana Calugarita, arh. Dana Stanciucu, arh. Alexandru Scarlat
Structure project: D&C Expert Proiectare Structuri s.r.l.
plumbing: Maestro proiect s.r.l.
Builder: ACMS General Contractor s.r.l.
Client: Y.G. Proprietati s.r.l.

Authors’ Comment

We wanted to create a residential complex connected to the environment at both private and common spaces.
We gave importance to the relationship home - nature / outer space. So each apartment benefits from very large balconies that have proven their utility and positive effect during the period of pandemic isolation. The balcony is used as an element that belongs to the home and is not just a facade decoration.
The common public spaces, the inner courtyard equipped with green spaces and banquets, allow the socialization at a regular distance and ensure the psychic comfort as a relaxing space.
The open 5 - level atriums on stairwells in conjunction with the chromatic materials generate a very relaxed summer air.
At least this is the message received as feedback from the residents.

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