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Ginger Sushi Terrace

Ginger Sushi Terrace

Authors: arh. Andreea Maria Marinescu
Andreea Marinescu Arhitectura

Coordonatori: Adrian Adam, Yavor Michev, Mugurel Feiszes, Romică Puschiaza, Adrian Debruyker, Paul Popescu
Execuție: Publimpres - Tudor Migia
Mobilier: F2Moir, Sidora Metal
Iluminat: ProfilistLed/Ataș
Foto: Radu Malașincu

Beneficiar: București Turism / Radisson Blu Hotel

Authors’ Comment

A ‘covered space’, delicate, light, fluid, refined, express the fresh energy of bamboo thicket, through which you can still see the sky. It seems that an atmosphere is obtained, created with textures, lights, shadows, transparencies, movement, which seems to find inspiration in the japanese culture. The fluid, translucent, textile ceiling, hanged on the structure, offers shadow during the day, and during the night it becomes a huge lamp that lightens the interior courtyard of the hotel.