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GG House
  • Prize of the “Interior Design / Interior Residential Design” section

GG House

Authors: arh. Andreea Maria Marinescu
Andreea Marinescu Arhitectură

Structuri: Horia Mihnea; Instalații: Bogdan Ioniță; Finisaje: A[r]telier; Atelierele Antim; Iluminat: F2Moir, ProfilistLed;
Foto: Radu Malașincu

Authors’ Comment

The proposed architectural layout brings, through the interior design, an inversion of areas and places. Thus, the living area is boldly placed on the top floor, opening onto a terrace over the garage. The connecting element of the spaces – the staircase – brings together environments, beyond its functional role. The connected spaces are set in a row from one end of the plan to the other, almost without any perceptible delimitation. The interventions are made using few materials, accentuating rather the variations in texture, with smooth transitions, existing an obvious concern for generating a unitary, carefully configured image, maintained and revealed through multiple narrative meanings.

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