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Authors: Vladimir Mîndru, Irina Lupu, Rareș Fotău
Firm: Yellow Office

Detaliere și autorizare: Conextrust S.A.

Authors’ Comment

Placed in a context that lacks strong visual elements, except for the slope on which it lays and the water it is oriented to, the fishery proposes a subtle tandem with the nature, while crossing it becomes an itinerary in which a serie of frames are gradually discovered.
As you enter the space you descend between two solid volumes whose sobriety is balanced by the pastel colour of the facades. The impression of an object that has a weak visual relation with the environment disappears while passing through the interior, where the space becomes the setting for an experience in which sight is gently led from opaque to transparent, the final point being the terrace floating above the water.
The dialogue between nature and design is also supported by the choice of materials: stones from Bistrița River, oolitic limestone, lush vegetation indoor, details such as resin medallions, in which a series of natural elements collected from the site - plants and fishbones - were used as casts.