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DestinyPark - a world ruled by children

DestinyPark - a world ruled by children

Authors: arh. Bogdan Neagu

Arhitectură: arh. Dana Stănciucu, arh. Anca Balotă, arh. Bianca Pereanu, arh. George Barbu, arh. Iulian Arbanaș, arh. Cristian Mititelu, arh. Felix Pelea

Authors’ Comment

Destiny Park is a project close to our hearts on which we worked together with a team of specialists that faithfully reproduced the key areas of the economic, institutional and cultural life of a city in the real world, allowing parents to identify the passions and natural talents of their children.
Every child is unique and an experience so connected to reality as Destiny Park does not exist in any other entertainment center.
Destiny Park is a place where education is mostly done through play, the ideal way to keep children interested and to make information easy to remember.
It is a miniature city with a bank, police, firemen, hospital, supermarket, etc. with themed areas where children can interact with various jobs and become for a day - depending on their own aspirations - bankers, firemen, doctors, aviators, television presenters, pilots, a place where the vocations, talents and passions of the little ones combine with play.
In Destiny Park, children have at their disposal over 50 activities from all areas of real life: finance, industry, IT, medicine, science, culture, art, entertainment, etc. Everything for the little ones to learn, through play, what it means to be a grown-up, to have responsibilities, to manage your income. Each of these activities is organized in a specific setting and has a financial impact on the child involved – they either earn MagicMoney through "work" or spend it buying products or having fun. To build a series of authentic spaces and experiences for those who want to learn through play, we integrate real-world organizations into our project, in the form of partnerships with institutions and companies that want to get involved in the education of children.