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Rădăuți Lawcourt
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Rădăuți Lawcourt

Authors: arh. Mario Kuibus, arh. Victor Mihalache, arh. Irina Plesnila, arh. Maria Ungureanu, arh. Oana Purice, arh. Andrei Cebotaru, arh. Irina Alexandrescu, arh. Raluca Ciobanu
Firm: re-act now

Client: Curtea de Apel Suceava

Authors’ Comment

The lawcourt is an important function in a city which needs a much more representative image than other buildings because the significance of a justice act goes beyond the utilitarian function itself, it is also the meaning of the state institution of justice itself as one of the three democracy power entities in a state: Legislature, Executive, Judiciary . As a neutral and independent entity in the society where decisions are made establishing what is true and false, or who should be rewarded and punished.
A story for an implant object in Radauti center could be a metaphor filtered by a classical past architecture heritage or a morphological minimized future aspiration. Could be also a story of an aesthetic symbolism for some conflicting binomials which causes the act of justice happen that led our proposal to the translation of two worlds: an “open” one, transparent with a meaning of public space and side more closed as a procedure black box with a meaning of the institution of Judiciary in itself.
The vision of one house with two houses “sticked” together as a conceptual collage between the colonnade house - the public veranda - and the decisional “machine” - the black box - is a vision and symbol for the purity of these two utilities: public and institution.