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Top Line Dorobanti

Top Line Dorobanti

Authors: arh. Bogdan Neagu
Firm: NBC Arhitect

Arhitectura: arh. Iulian Oanta, arh. Dana Stanciucu, arh. Iulian Arbanas ;
Structure project: S.C. HOUSE IMPACT S.R.L. ;
Photo: arh. Andrei Margulescu

Authors’ Comment

The building is located on Calea Dorobanti number 149, in a mixed function area with the majority of spaces being commercial and some private shops. The project has a commercial ground floor, with high windows and a metal pergola towards the boulevard, witch blend in with the essence of the area, with underground parking and a beauty center in the floors above. The project connects to the two neighboring blind walls, but imposes a contemporary style, minimalistic, with the ground floor and the cornice having a design that uses horizontal profiles, the upper floors have high windows with metal fronts around them, that are anthracite grey and the vertical areas are covered with ribbed fiber cement.