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Reinventarea unui țesut urban din centrul istoric București

București, România
Autor: Adina ȘERBAN
Colaboratori: Îndrumător arhitectură: Mihail Dan Cocheci
Îndrumător structuri: Vlad Petrescu

Comentariul autorului

Calea Mosilor has a rich history that is characterised by a great variety of shops such as furriers, shoemakers,textile and watchmakers. This new assembly represents a place in which to learn the art of crafting and restoration. The motivation behind this project is to bring back diversity and at the same time preserve the past image and feel of Calea Mosilor. With the creation of the restoration studios, people will be encouraged to bring aged and used object. A school will exist in order to train and educate people in various restoration methods and techniques working together with master craftsmen and restoration specialists in order to teach and share their knowledge. All of the activities will be placed in a modern setting that combines patrimony monuments with the sharp edges of the new building in a complementary relation. Every workshop will be facing one of the multiple public courtyards. This gives a welcoming feeling and it creates the possibility to have an open workspace both outdoors and indoors. The cultural experience is enriched by antique fairs, workshops, conferences and exhibitions that take place in the assembly.