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House 3C

București, România
Authors: arch. Anca Mitrache, arch. Georgică Mitrache / Total Ami Design
Collaborators: arh. Oana Anca Abalaru Obancea
arh. Marcel Sebastian Ionescu Lupeanu
arh. Claudia Pipos

Authors’ Comment

The proposed dwelling is to be built in a residential area in northern Bucharest. Originally set to provide the "home" for a young family, the place was to become later richer than that. As a project, the house seeks to provide the vital space of a young family, a perfectly functional space adaptable to the needs, intimacy and comfort. The proposal presented is, moreover, the result of a sum of searches designed to reformulate the pattern of an inherited wagon dwelling, to the actuality and to the requirements of the beneficiaries. Recovering at the same time a part of the existing building on the site, the new dwelling offers a completely different perspective of the space and use of the site. Daytime living spaces communicate with each other and light penetrates into the dwelling through generous voids that amplify the perceived interior space in relation to the garden. Upstairs are the bedrooms and the hobby space that benefits from a patio suspended in the terrace.

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