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Eiffel Tower street House

București, România
Authors: arch. Georgică Mitrache, arch. Anca Mitrache / Total Ami Design
Collaborators: Arhitectură: arh. Anca Mihaela Constantin, arh. Oana Anca Abălaru, arh. Ionescu Lupeanu Marcel
Structura: ing. F. Cimpanu
Instalații: ing. M. & C. Terzi

Authors’ Comment

The analysis of the site characteristics in which the house proposal is to be inserted and also the research of the ground conditions do not restrain the imagination and do not impose a fixed set of rules, as it might seem at first sight. These are an integral part of any valid project that needs to be addressed critically from the perspective of a possible future build-up (through questions - how and why) and not only from the perspective of the "ideal" proposal. Thus, the proposal from the Eiffel Tower is the result of some methodical investigations and real assessments related to the type of building user, in a location and in a clear context, Lacul Tei neighborhood.
The building comprises several elements that respond to local determinants, alignment, height, while trying to accommodate an individual home for a young family. The relationship of the house with the exterior, the space organization in the interior, the openness of space lead to a coherent assertion of expression. The open character of the proposal is doubled by a second attribute: control. The materials used, the furnished space, transparency, light, or space dialogue talk about an open, garden-oriented home, enjoying the sun, and intimacy.

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