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Embassy Park

București, România
Author: arch. Alexandru - Mihai Popescu / Arhitecți Asociați

Authors’ Comment

Embassy Park can be found in Herăstrău Park, Bucharest. The projects’ concept started with the young spirit of the restaurants’ clientele, making this location a vibrant destination. Completing the design approach, different key moments were designed to give additional value to each inhabitable spatial enclave. Every space is contrasted by the previous and the next and offers visual and functional surprises – achievable through the used furniture, through the qualities of materials covering the walls or through the different exhibited art gestures.
The Embassy Park can be discovered via its two main axis that set the main routes. The Bar-Fireplace axis reveals careful detailling within the fragmented enclaves that quests pass through. Its extremities are closed off by the iconic Embassy wall of lamps and a fireplace enriching the experiences of those present.
The Library wall – Dining space axis reveals the immediate exterior context.
The perpendicular axes offer different spatial moments that will surprise those who decide to explore Embassy Park.
A general presence, the exotic plants that selectively hide or reveal certain areas and view angles create a misterious interior.

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