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12 to 3 (doors)

București, România
Authors: arch. Alexandru - Mihai Popescu, Monica Alina Păduraru / PM ARCHITECTURE
Collaborators: Ana Chiorean, Spațial Total, Nicușor Robu,Fronte, Domicilio, Progerom

Authors’ Comment

12 TO 3 - it is about the modern man's need to reduce boundaries and live in an open spaces. The title comes from the number of interior doors existing in the apartment at the time of the first visit and the number of doors we arrived at, after remodeling the flat.
The concept consists in separating the living area from the sleeping area by guiding the people to the first one and hiding the other one. Once we pass the threshold of the house, we find ourselves in front of the central element of the dwelling, namely the wooden cube.
The chromatic is subtile, composed mostly of white and slightly colored grays, designed to support the "solist" - turquoise and yellow green - used as accents in some points of interest. The whole ensemble is tempered by the warm wooden floor, which climbs the wall in the relaxation / hobby area and dresses the volume in the middle of the apartment.
The way to the sleeping area is "trough a mirror” in the furniture. Behind one of the doors there are neither the shelves nor a bar for clothes, but a space through which one can access the bedrooms area, so it is, in other words, "for the connoisseurs".
We have created a clean living space with plenty of storage, using natural, warm and friendly materials that age beautifully.

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