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Apa Nova Office Design

București, România
Authors: arch. Adela Antoniu, arch. Serban Antoniu, arch. Mădălina Uram / Arhilab
Collaborators: Dezvoltator: Forte Partners
Fit-out și mobilier: Techo Romania
Photo credit: Cosmin Dragomir

Authors’ Comment

"This is what I prayed for - a piece of land with a garden and a bit of wood to round it off" wrote Horatiu - the roman poet, describing in a few words our innate attraction to nature - BIOPHILIA. Current research highlights the positive impact of biophilic design on health and significant improvements on productivity in the working environment.
In Apanova offices we have experimented with this idea of reconnecting with nature. Each of the 4 floors - corresponding a particular department – is being represented through the chosen materials, chromatics, patterns, etc. of a specific natural element: vegetal, earth, stone and wood.
The sensory information is rich and adheres to the spatial hierarchy in an intriguing balance between boring and overwhelming. The space expands and contracts both on the functional level (open-spaces/ alveolar refuges) and on the architectural language level in a series of analogies for direct and indirect evocation of nature: dynamic and diffuse light reflects the passage of time; minimally processed tree trunks reflect the local ecology; the possibility of natural ventilation reconnects with the weather, the image sequences from nature evoke the relationship with the supreme whole.

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