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Dumbrăveni, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Alexandru - Mihai Popescu / Arhitecți Asociați

Authors’ Comment

The single family household proves to have several personal valencies and can be reinterpreted endlessly. Therefore, we would like to reveal the way we think it should be. The concept is about the layering of intimate areas that derive from the city, community, family, individual. It must be the oasis of both the family as well as the individual.
The family gravitates around a central nucleus, in this case, the fireplace. Around it, the day area and night time and hobby space accesses are formed.
The interior and exterior space need to be flexible and evolve in sync with the occupants, the garden can make its presence felt more in the day area – closer to the hearth, and moreso the day area could extend towards the courtyard.
The whole ensemble needs to be playful, with misterious routes that would link the intimate areas with the crowding prone areas.
The overall proposal needs to be of a humble presence that can relate with a developing community from a design language point of view.

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