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  • Nomination for the “Architectural Visions and Architectural Research” section

Vacarești Museum in Mogoșoaia - layers, materiality study

Mogoșoaia, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Adrian Spirescu / SC A.S.M.P. SRL
Collaborators: arh.Mihaela Pelteacu, arh.Marina Raicoplol, arh. Lucia Mit, arh.Ruxandra Iordan, arh Cosmin Popa

Authors’ Comment

From the walls of Văcăreşti Monastery Church, demolished 30 years ago, remained a few more columns and frescoes and lithic fragments. I've seen these fragments many times, resting: on the precinct of the Mogosoaia Palace, in the Museum of Art .I never gazed, not for a single moment, with compassion or resignation. On the contrary, every time I perceived the strength of the wall to whom they belonged.
Meanwhile Văcăreşti Monastery - later over the years the monastery became a prison - seemed like a metaphor for architecture. Its history, somehow overlaps between the Light and the path to body enslavement and so,may suggest that architecture is never innocent.
The Lapidarium is located in a place full of history and force - in the precinct of the Mogosoaia Palace - led to the idea of a space designed entirely as a sequence of layers that meet together and share things, different histories. The design materials, the indoor and outdoor closure elements - zinc facade panels, glass, solid brick, slate, plaster, etc. - are arranged in distinct layers that are visible in relation to each other. In this manner the restored stone columns have the role of being threshold, a passage between different functions: access area, multipurpose hall, foyer, rather than being exhibited.

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