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  • Nomination for the “Architectural Research and Architectural Visions – intervetions or experiments” section

Industria Bumbacului » Industrii creative

București, România
Authors: arch. Tamina Lolev, arch. Vlad Stoica, arch. Florin Cobuz, urb. Iulian Canov, urb. Cristina Zlota, Sabina Baciu / Wolfhouse Productions
Collaborators: comunitatea Nod makerspace
Deschis Gastrobar
La Firul Ierbii
Industria Bumbacului SA
Krautz Design SRL
ing. Cristian Lolev
Structură: ing. Alexandru Radu
Expertiza tehnică: ing. Cătălin Roșu
Instalații sanitare: ing. Elena Iatan
Instalații electrice: ing. Alexandru Iatan
Instalații termice: ing. Angel Dogeanu
IDS: Krenic SRL
Comunicare: MSL Group The Practice

Authors’ Comment

The project's vision says that the former Cotton Factory in Bucharest will be transformed until 2025 into a cluster for creative industries and performing arts. In order to achieve this vision, the initiative group uses a bottom-up approach. Unused industrial spaces are an increasingly rare urban resource in Bucharest. We propose to avoid a "tabula rasa" development, while through this project we aim to support the local creative economy. The approach based on organic regeneration is unpredictable (yes) but flexible, focused on social inclusion, place-making and constant innovation. In the dynamic and unpredictable urban environment of Bucharest, the resilience and the synergy among community members are the most important attributes of the project.
For the coming years, the working group aims to strengthen the creative community in the neighborhood and to attract new actors and entrepreneurs from complementary industries.

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