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Meșteshukar ButiQ Interior Design
  • Prize of the “Interior Design / Corporate office and Retail space Design” section

Meșteshukar ButiQ Interior Design

Authors: arh. Anca Cioarec, arh. Brîndușa Tudor, arh. Teodora Capră-Robescu, arh. Ștefan Nechita
stardust architects*

Producția instalației din lemn și cupru: Atelier Vast ( ),
Sudură: Atelierele Bogman
Construcții, finisaje, instalații: Alexandru Dinulescu
Producție corpuri de iluminat: Vlad Rebenciuc
Textile vopsite cu plante: Atelier Tron (
Foto: Vlad Albu ( )

Beneficiar: Meșteshukar ButiQ

Authors’ Comment

The project is the winning proposal of the design competition organised by the Bucharest Chamber of Architects for Meșteshukar Butiq - a social enterprise that aims to revitalize the traditional Roma handcraft. We have imagined that a place which wants to keep the crafts alive should be able to trigger memories, to have the tools and the materials available, to invite you to take a seat and let your fingers move along with them. To be a workshop, more than a shop. To be a tactile house of memories.

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