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Ordoreanu Retreat

Clinceni, jud. Giurgiu, România
Authors: arch. Emil Burbea-Milescu, arch. Oana Gabriela Iacob, Radu Ponta, Alexandra Zăgan, Elena Moisesc, Răzvan Delcea / REPUBLIC OF ARCHITECTS
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Cătălin Caraza (Inginerie Creativa SRL)
Inginerie: ing. Florentina Radu (Alyates Design SRL)
Inginerie: ing. Adrian Drăgușin (Marna Proiect SRL)
Fotografii: Dafina Jeacă

Authors’ Comment

Ordoreanu village, Clinceni district, was declared “martyr” for it was demolished in 1987 to make way for the hypothetical Danube-Bucharest Canal. After the anti-communist Revolution the people were given back land in the present location, near the Mihăilești-Cornetu barrier lake. The nearby forrest and the meadow of the Argeş river made the location attractive for a young dynamic family, fond of exercise in the wild.
On a site of 3000sqm we were asked to design a small weekend house, an alternative to the Bucharest density: minimal functions for a one child family with annexes, pool and tenis court. The amoebic shape of the main building was designed to integrate the entire site and its uses. The entry is connected with the car shed, while the living areas are opening to the main terrace and the pool, but to a more intimate terrase as well, near the vegetable garden. Even it was set that the most confortable living is only at the ground floor, the clients asked for two intimate retreat zones. The two cubic cocoons configure a local topography, the house being diffrently perceived from any direction.

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