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Holiday Home

Authors: arch. Emil Burbea-Milescu, arch. Oana Gabriela Iacob, arch. Radu Ponta / Republic of Architects
Collaborators: Rezistență ing. Cătălin Caraza
Instalații Alyates Design
fotografii originale Cosmin Dragomir

Authors’ Comment

The project - a holyday home for a family - is structured around a the main element of the house: the stair case. The open space of the living room and the kitchen is surrounding the shape of the staircase. In the upper floor, the intimate spaces of the minimal bedrooms and bathroom are accessed from the landing.
The living room is a space with varying use considering the users: welcome area for guests, relaxation room, place to eat, playground - which extends on the stair case. The stair case is a visual division the kitchen from the fireplace area. The series of skylights from the entrance area to the stair bring light in the middle of the house.
The volume of the house changes the approach of the mountain buildings with pronounced slope. Reverencing towards the natural landscape, the house identifies with the flattened slope and the white volume of the roof. The volume of the upper floor is wood, apparently heavy over the white volume of the ground floor, sliding above it. Together with the pronounced eaves it appears to ease its weight.

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