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House in Bucureștii Noi

București, România
Authors: arch. Emil Burbea-Milescu, arch. Oana Gabriela Iacob, arch. Radu Ponta, Alexandra Zăgan, arch. Alexandru - Claudiu - Mihnea Mateescu, arch. Razvan Florian Delcea / Republic of Architects
Collaborators: Structura: Rantech Proiect
Instalatii: Vest Klima Instal

Authors’ Comment

In a residential area typical for semi-detached houses, the project introduces an intermediate space, distinct from the front, lateral and back gardens. Placed in the middle of the house, this light and ventilation courtyard is at the same time an elegant extension of the front entrance, a place to enjoy a eating or sitting outdoors. The house revolves around this void and opens towards it at all levels. The courtyard becomes responsible for introducing a playful depth to the experience of the other areas of the house. At ground level, the surface of the courtyard is dedicated to unprogramed use. The courtyard is also virtually amplified by projecting one of its walls to the property limit. A small balcony, a bow window and a crossing enrich the use of its height and constitute small events that enhance its spatial experience.
The longitudinal cross section of the house is uneven – taller towards the street/north façade and lower towards the rear-garden/south – thus allowing the sun to more easily enter the depth of the inner courtyard. It’s importance is further enhanced by the fact that the communication with the outside is only possible through this inner courtyard.

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