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Architecture Studio

București, România
Authors: arch. Emil Burbea-Milescu, arch. Oana Coarfă, arch. Alexandra Lițu, arch. Radu Ponta / Republic of Architects SRL
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Authors’ Comment

Apart from the rehabilitation of the valuable elements of the interwar apartment and the inevitable technical upgrades, the project looked for answers to two questions - one of a practical nature, the other more poetical.
The first issue was to find a furnishing solution that would meet the requirements of an architecture studio and invent storage areas. For this the answer was to build custom made furniture, designed to follow the irregularities of the walls. On the other hand, the project puts the height of the rooms to use by conceiving a volumetric frieze whose depth becomes the much needed storage areas.
The second question was how to imagine a wall finishing that would simultaneously meet four demands: to be remarkable, to illustrate the studio’s profile, to keep costs to a minimum and not to constitute applied decoration.
This led to the idea of not adding the final finishing layer to the walls (the plaster coating and the paint). The intent was to suggest a work in progress, a building site, and to reveal the qualities of the space itself, before being hijacked by the dresses it may wear, before its potential to become something else was used out.

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