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Răspiua – playground for all children

București, România
Authors: arch. Iris Popescu, Sabrina Ahmad, arch. Mihaela Șerban, st.arch. Alexandra Anastasiu / Asociația Metodelor Alternative de Integrare Socială
Collaborators: Alexandru Cucu, Ioana Enache, Ing. Alexandru Dincă, Cristina Zanfirescu, psih. clinician Teodora Sârbu

Authors’ Comment

"Răspiua"* will create an inclusive context for the personal development of the grown-ups of tomorrow.This will be materialized through a multi-sensory playground. We are addressing all types of children, including those with different disabilities (mobility, vision, hearing,etc).This project is unique in Romania. Its achievement will establish an initiative at a national level to create accessible public playgrounds, offering: the possibility of a personal playing experience - for the vulnerable - and an empathetic interaction - for typical children.The priorities of this project are: personal development, muscle toning and stimulation, empathy among typical children, creating a social education framework, accountability of public administration and the local community.The design of the playground equipment was a participatory one during a research period in which we conducted focus groups and playground observation with children from our partner schools to document their favorite materials, how they like to play and the difficulties encountered in the existing playgrounds.The project is funded by Porsche Romania and will be located this summer in Lia Manoliu National Park.

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