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  • Nomination for the “Architectural Visions and Architectural Research” section


București, România
Authors: arch. Iris Popescu, arch. Andreea Tanase, arch. Mihaela Șerban, arch. Sabrina Ahmad, st.arch. Alexandra Anastasiu, arch. Ioana Voiculescu / Asociatia Metodelor Alternative de Integrare Sociale - AMAis
Collaborators: Gheorghe Andreea - Forward ID PR&Events

Authors’ Comment

AMAis is a group of young architects exploring the qualities of space as starting ground for developing each person’s level of perception and cognisance, from a multi sensory point of view, by realising projects regarding the social integration of vulnerable groups and raising awareness. Senseability is a long-term initiative which aims to create a socio-cultural platform, a meeting place for the sighted and the visually impaired. The project was selected within the Bucharest Architecture Annual with the support of the Order of Romanian Architects. This experience aims to create empathy and sustain the social integration of a vulnerable group. Our activities so far include: guided tours in the dark in emblematic buildings of Bucharest, using models to develop mental mapping abilities, creating tactile plans to enhance the degree of accessibility for the visually impaired by reducing large space to a more approachable size. Our intention to extend into other fields aims to transform accessibility into normality.

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