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Urban furniture competition. "Ne vedem în Sibiu"

sibiu, jud. Sibiu, România
Authors: arch. Cosmin Dragomir, arch. Alina Gabriela Dragomir, arch. Cătălin Filip, st.arch. Iulia Ilie / Studio A19 / S.C. BEGIN ANYWHERE S.R.L.
Collaborators: Colaborator: Mihai Toma

Authors’ Comment

The proposal was meant to fulfill some natural needs within the community: the need to meet and the need to express. Thus, the entire scenario of people being able to appropriate the space reflects a natural coming together , in which, through the flexibility of the solution and the lack of constraints, they can feel free.
The three main components of the proposal - the table, the chairs and the energy production mechanism -  apparently suggest a certain linearity, but in fact, each of them has the capacity to polarize small groups of people and create the set up for on-place dialogues. Composition-wise, the table - as an archetypal object of coming together and debate, becomes the central element of the project, around which, due to the flexible position of the chairs, people can sit in multiple ways.
The energy production mechanism also reveals the idea of community, creating the need of a  collective effort in order to manually pull the weight. It consists of a thick sheet board and reflects the voice of the community, a "tabula rasa" on which collective thoughts can be written down.

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