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SAVART Restaurant in UNITER Building

SAVART Restaurant in UNITER Building

Authors: arh. Dragos Scurtulescu, arh. Raluca Scurtulescu, arh. Claudia Stefanescu, arh. Tutelca sonia, stud. arh. Gradinar Maria

Restaurare Usi: Mihaela Preda
Decor Ceramica: Laura Belmega si Dragos Istrate
Canapele: Isofa
Lumini: Albora Concept
Foto: Radu Malasincu

Authors’ Comment

The ground plan is distinguished by the architectural qualities of the original compartments – completely preserved in the arrangement, along with all the authentic decorative details. Pastel shades of green, white, gray and ocher blend in a harmonious and tranquil spectrum as the intention of architects was to highlight the insertion of natural elements inside the house, or the penetration of the garden into the restaurant's salons. The ceramic compositions made by artists Dragos Istrate and Laura Belmega complement the furniture items with the oversized decorative elements on the walls and ceiling, also imagined on a vegetable theme. The interwar reference of lighting fixtures intertwines with the authentic and very valuable presence of old patrimony objects, such as the piano in the main hall. The ceiling of this salon is immediately visible through the oversized central light fixtures, with glass spheres giving the metal supporting structure a layered appearance in space, and the room a bold, dynamic atmosphere.

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