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Maison des chefs

Maison des chefs

Authors: arh. Dan Enache, arh. Călin Radu, arh. Alexa Andrei
Lama Arhitectura

Executant confecții metalice, lemn: Bogdan Vijaica, Mihai Manda (Atelierele Bogman SRL)
Design scaune: arh. Dragoș Moțica (Ubi Kubi SRL)
Fotograf: Arthur Zinz

Beneficiar: Mega Image Romania

Authors’ Comment

The wish was to integrate a gourmet restaurant with 3 selling points, each having their own image and layout: wine gallery, pastry shop and cheese shop. We tried to create a space that results at their junction: a reinterpreted wine gallery/cellar.The main elements are: the vaulted ceiling –large luminous chandelier made out of wine bottle pixels-, the Cor-ten bar - focal point of the ensamble, separating the table area from the opened kitchen-, the custom tables –a reinterpretation of the oak wine barrel. To create a visually transparent yet intriguing filter, between the outside and inside of the restaurant, we used the same bottles fixed in a metal mesh.

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