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B4 cafe - bistro terrace

B4 cafe - bistro terrace

Authors: arh. Mario Kuibuș, arh. Codruț Nica
re-act now

Foto : Raluca Ciobanu

Authors’ Comment

The store or the usual market as the daily venue in town is for everyone the symbol of exchanging news, fragrances, flavors, emotions… It’s the place to get a real cultural pulse or a vitaminising sensorial experience. B4 is the place where like at the market we are assaulted by a multitude of objects, colors and materials vibrated by the light of the moment that open our senses towards a possible revealing feel. The visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory emotions display here one by one into a “garden” of experiences, touching the “explorers” within us in the context of the new Bucharest urban landscape...

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