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Filitti Hotel
  • Delta Studio Prize

Filitti Hotel

Authors: arh. Cristiana Zgripcea
cz cad

arh. Alexandru Morar
arh. Petru Baleanu
Furnizor: Delta Studio

Authors’ Comment

The concept started from location and function and we tried to respect and highlight these two main elements with finishes and furniture. Although it is a hotel, the atmosphere of the accommodation is welcoming like home. ACCOMMODATION ROOM: The accommodation room is a mix of contrasts. The precious finishes blend with the rough ones, for example we used velvet in the curtains and the covers, and the ceiling was preserved from apparent concrete, in its mold created. RESTAURANT: although its surface is not very generous, the space is spectacular due to the nature of the connection between the finishes, all of which are of the highest quality: natural stone, natural honey, velvet, metallic structures painted in electrostatic field. All these are highlighted by the warm light of the luminaires that emulate them through a spectacular game of lights, shadows, translucency and translucency. It's a complete fitting from scratch. The first visit to the site I made a climbing on the scaffold because the interior ladder was not fitted. Although the challenges have been numerous and complex, the result is as much as the effort has been made. The biggest challenge was that the chosen finishes were in line with our vision of the final result design, but also with the budget imposed by the beneficiary and the current rules in the hotel industry.

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