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Magazinul București (Bucharest Store)
  • Nomination for the “Built Architecture / Public Architecture” section

Magazinul București (Bucharest Store)

Authors: Arh. Mario Kuibus, Arh. Irina Plesnila, Arh. Victor Mihalache, Arh. Andrei Cebotaru, Arh. Oana Purice
Firm: Re-Act Now Architecture

Structure project: DCTS Structuri
plumbing: MID Install 2003
Project management: Vitalis Consulting
Client: Baakman Johannes, Heinen Gerard

Authors’ Comment

The building originally raised as a general store in the 30’s in the highly commercial area of Bucharest was making its place in the community during the last decades under the name “Magazinul Bucuresti” (“Bucharest Store”).
Bucharest is known for the good modernistic substance from the 20's-30's where in the town took place a visible change through the huge development movement from that time.
The new project brings to life the old image and brand of the building in a new sensitive and structural approach offering an expansion on the upper floor where the new “soul” opens through a large canopy to the city.
The new building offers a mixed use utility with a commercial area on the lower part, two office levels on the upper part and a restaurant on the last level with a panoramic view towards the old city skyline.
The project details write the new story with other approach awakening the emotions of the old Magazinul Bucuresti building while the visitor is passing it...
From the street entrance the mirror ceiling with the vintage light bulbs lines on the walkway canopy introduce a cinematic sensation right from the street where people are “invited” inside and welcomed.
The curved glass show window reminds the old 30's glamour of the store and mark the emotional modernistic memory with its image reflections and refractions.
The old mosaic and marble finishes were recovered from the old building demolition and were introduced in a new narrative morphology on the ground floor.
The used marble revives on the entrance hall as a new abstract colonnade surrounded by mirrors and the mosaic redefines itself as an evolving patchwork which gives the entrance hall a joyful floor pattern.

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