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  • Nomination for the “Interior Design” section

Real is Surreal

București, România
Authors: arch. Mario Kuibuș, arch. Ruxandra Osiac, arch. Codrut Nica, arch. Mihail Neagu, arch. Irina Alexandrescu, arch. Raluca Ciobanu, Andrei Rosanu / re-act now

Authors’ Comment

Office space image builds itself around some rigid, cold and highly illuminated spaces. We asked ourselves : What if one comes to the „office” willingly and enters daily a world which attracts through wideness, warmth and ambiental equilibrium? The vision we approached was one which tries to find the balance among different themes of some universal dilemmas, „at home” vs story, open space vs intimate space, functional vs experimental, standard vs premium. A world which attracts through contradictions between known and unknown, finding the balance of a daily universe which maintains itself in the „vs” dynamics.
The offices became the story of passing through an atypical, non-corporate world, which can make you have different surprises forthcoming, both as someone working there and also as a visitor. The personal sensation of a world in between worlds or of a hybrid organism which makes you pass through it and „use” it is the first impact of the watcher. The permanent user or the spontaneous one doesn’t have to know if the sensation of relaxing and contemplation or action and activation comes from the lighting, materials or eventually from the spatial relationship... He must know that the medium where he is is one that challenges him professionally and makes him come back with positive energies

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