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Predoi & Associates Office Design

Predoi & Associates Office Design

Authors: arh. Dragos Scurtulescu, arh. Raluca Scurtulescu, arh. Claudia Stefanescu, arh. Andreea Gurita, arh. Sonia Tutelca

Mobilier: WorkSpace/Herman Miller

Authors’ Comment

The planimetry of an apartment lacking personality from a block of flats built in the communist period in Cluceru Udricani Street, proved to be flexible enoguh to accomodate the program of law firm appreciating identity through expressive design. From a central reception area, distribution is provided to the partners’ office, associates’ office, conference room and service spaces. The focus of spatial planning aimed at a “deconstruction” of the compact space. Floating above the space for debatings, the crumpled surface of the ceiling gives the meeting room strong character. The exposed concrete of the ceiling finds a counterpoint in the warm-looking wooden surfaces of the reception desk and the sliding panel.The ceiling lamps grouped into dynamic compositions, floating in space, allude to the interwar iconic design experiments at the Bauhaus School.

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