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Hotel Moldova interior design

Hotel Moldova interior design

Authors: arh. Daniel Nicolae Popescu, arh. Irina Stinghe, arh. Adela Voinea, arh. George Suru, arh. Ana-Maria Fotău-Cojocaru, arh. Romain Layet, arh. Oana Gruia, arh. Andra-Oana Jugănaru, arh. Ștefan Căplescu
Firm: Fabrica de Arhitectura

Authors’ Comment

The interior concept betrays a holistic approach to space experience. As space is traversed, each room reveals itself as a sensory narrative through materiality and texture. The reception area receives a bright chromatic, with white stone and brass, and makes the subtle transition to the restaurant by inserting dark color elements as accents. The restaurant is oriented towards a symbiosis of the natural, the generating element being a green wall around which an intimate space is born. The wood brings warmth and completes the portrait of the interior frame. The route completes its transition through the pool area, which is found as an almost completely natural setting, and the materiality is acquired through wood, stone and water. The private part, that of the hotel rooms, becomes a destination and reveals itself as a dialogue between warmth and intimacy, giving the atmosphere of home, of returning home.

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