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Waterfront Residence

Waterfront Residence

Authors: arh. Daniel Nicolae Popescu, arh. Irina Stinghe, arh. Adela Voinea, arh. Oana Gruia, arh. Ștefan Căplescu
Firm: Fabrica de Arhitectura

Proiectare structură: S.C. DETAILS CONSTAR S.R.L
Proiectare instalații: S.C. INGINERIE SEISMICĂ S.R.L.
Manager de proiect: Constantin Anghel Ștefăniță, Florian Popa Laurențiu
Photo: Cosmin Dragomir
Client: Constantin Anghel Ștefaniță, Florian Popa Laurențiu

Authors’ Comment

The project reinterprets the relationship that a construction has with the street and the public space. In this sense, the facade is emancipated and is here addressed to the inhabitants. The building turns its face towards an intimate space, embraces the waterfront and brings closer to nature the man who inhabits it. Towards the public space, the building offers the quiet spectacle of day to day life, by exposing the common circulations. The exterior corridors come as a pretext for discussion, for neighborhood, and contribute to the flourishing of a community. Architecture thus reaches a new dimension, it leans towards the human and towards the spatial experience. The materials also meet this desideratum. The warmth of the wood and the apparent cold sensation of the metal betray an opening to dialogue through transparency.

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