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The Lake Home C1
  • Nomination for the “Built Architecture / Collective Housing Architecture” section
  • The Best Architecture Client

The Lake Home C1

Authors: arh. Andrei Mitrus, arh. Alexandra Mitrus-Ion, arh. Sonia Petrea, arh. Magda Mucenica
Firm: AAIM Architecture

Structure project: Cristian Mitrus (System Structural Design)
plumbing: DL&D Instal
Builder: DMX Construction
Client: Novarion
Photo: Vlad Patru

Authors’ Comment

The Lake Home project is part of a bigger vision and a masterplan that aims to revive a former industrial area surrounding the only lake in Sibiu, Binder lake.
Located on a site of a former brick factory, the project maintains some of the existing structures that were used as workers housing and adapts them to the new functions. The first phase of this project consists in an apartment building. While maintaining the initial volume of the existing construction , a new metallic structure was created to allow the addition of three stories for the new apartment block. In this way the former building is part of the new façade creating a more dynamic and vivid look.
The use of materials such as brick, steel and glass relate to the original industrial character of the complex. The brick and structural steel are featured on the exterior of the first two levels, mirroring the functional and rational architecture of the past.
The previous building structure had a typical grid tailored for workers housing. Each unit had a single room similar to a student housing structure.
In the refurbishment process into an apartment building the existing structure was kept and two previous units were connected into one double studio. These new types of units offer the residents a separate night area (bedroom and bathroom) and a separate day area (living room and kitchen).