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Offices and Commercial Spaces on Puțul lui Zamfir Street

Offices and Commercial Spaces on Puțul lui Zamfir Street

Authors: arh. Daniel Popescu, mng. proiect Cătălina Popescu, arh. Adela Voinea
Firm: Fabrica de Arhitectură

Structure project: CROSS DESIGN – ing. Adrian Vasilescu
Installatii: COM-TID – ing. Mircea Cvașa
Text: arh. Maria Gabriela Degeratu
Client: Ayle Capital

Authors’ Comment

The project introduces into the fabric of Bucharest a cluster of functions, completed with interspersed intermediate spaces. The elevated volume includes commercial spaces, offices, and a ground-floor cafe, all wrapped in a façade looking towards the street, working with a rigorous rhythm of vertical elements brought together in a unified expression. This rhythm is softened by curved connections used to create a defining image of the building. The woven arches serve as an effective tool for preserving the façade's expression, allowing the vertical direction to be accentuated without being overly subdued by the commonly used trilitic system. At the same time, by stressing the verticality, they enable the necessary sizing of structural elements without disrupting the building's image. The composition is complemented by accents of color, an additional layer that solidifies the overall image. The ground floor space communicates with the street, animating the place and providing an additional opportunity for social interaction.