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București, România
Authors: arch. Anda Manu, arch. Ștefan Mantu, arch. Dragoș Șolot, arch. Petru Herciu, arch. Emilia Tunaru / AMA Design

Authors’ Comment

5ENSI is about the five senses, all tangled in a context where you feel the presence of eachone of them in different, but carefully, balanced proportions. The organic shape of the plan is anchored with pieces of furniture that revolve around the bar as the central and dominant piece. Wood and finishes in copper textures create exactly the contrast the bar needed in order to provide a multitude of details reflected from the inside to the outside. The three-dimensional ceiling also mirrors the color of the whole space and participates in the warm and contemporary atmosphere of the interior. Contrasts between raw materials and premium finishes create the unique identity of this bistro, strongly expressing the identity of the Beanz brand.

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