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București, România
Authors: arch. Anda Manu, arch. Ștefan Mantu, arch. Petru Herciu, arch. Verona Panait, arch. Cristina Neacșu, arch. Karina Picuș / AMA Design

Authors’ Comment

An advertising company, a young and creative team, a generous location as a space, with plenty of natural light and a carefully controlled budget were the strong combination of this lively office.
This is where you can easily find your own work space during the day, depending on the mood and the people you want to interact with. The façade bench combines all of these spaces and provides added value to an area that would have remained unused. The cafeteria is a social space and play area and abounds in textures, finishes and details.
The internal meeting table in Orangerie points to the collaborative workspace alongside the brainstorming discussion couch. Zoning with the applied retro theme, Pop, Wizard of Oz or Disco style are just a few of the colored accents that spice up the design.

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