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București, România
Authors: arch. Anda Manu, arch. Ștefan Mantu, arch. Anca Crețu, arch. Adriana Gigoi, arch. Emilia Tunaru, arch. Alina Ursulescu / AMA Design

Authors’ Comment

When interacting with your prospective customers is the primary focus in setting up the future office, creating a VIP lounge as a presentation space becomes a necessity. EUROSUN has decided to dedicate a large part of its offices to create a lounge space with access to a generous view terrace as an extension to the frequent events they organize.
All the arrangement revolves around the central table that will support the project mock-ups. The actual office area is secondary and is richly planted and illuminated locally by two oversized lamps.
The in-house meeting room and small informal area complement the workspace with different colors and textures.
All the arrangement is created around the concept of "well being" and impresses you at every sight.

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