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Câmpineanu 2 - Office reception

București, România
Author: arch. Georgeta Gabrea / Capitel Avangarde SRL
Collaborators: Echipa: arh. Georgeta Gabrea, arh. Radu Antonescu;
Structură - Popp&Asociații - ing. Mădălin Coman, ing. Dan Sinu; Instalații - Addict Invest: coordonator proiect - ing. Alin Ungureanu; Antreprenor genaral - Conarg AG - șef șantier arh. Dan Gorgos; Project manager - Vitalis consulting.

Authors’ Comment

The access to the upper levels of office space and the club is via a dedicated space in the Ion Câmpineanu Street. Its arrangement seeks to customize this access and integrate it in terms of color, materials used and in terms of formal and technological to the whole building.
We chose marking this access through a continuous LED frame - floor, side walls and ceiling, which we thought was a gateway and that, due to the configuration, we called Stargate. This element individualizes the space. The chromatic choice is on the cool shades - white, black, gray, with contrasts carefully chosen and marking the route.
The reception desk consists of two bodies, placed at different heights and different colors, lifted above the floor level through glass supporting elements. This supports provide a sensation of weightlessness thus enhancing visually the space of the reception. The construction of the ceiling and lighting arrangement followed the same objective.
We attempted some discrete details, precisely arranged to mark the elegance of space. The entrance doors have wrought iron handles that took and stylized details of the existing wrought iron gates of the building's original metal doors.

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