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Scara Mountain Shelter

Scara Mountain Shelter

Authors: arh. Raluca Visinescu, ing. structura Andrei Aioanei
Bloc Office s.r.l.

Structura: Axii Design Studio

Beneficiar: S.P.J. Salvamont Arges

Authors’ Comment

Following the 2018 collapse of the Scara shelter from the Făgăraș Mountains (due to the overlap of vandalism and natural factors), the aim to rebuilt it brought up the following ideas: - constructing it as a structurally stable form, blended in the mountain landscape, and bringing it an architectural quality that exceeds the level of a simplistic shelter. - in contrast to the sharp exterior form, giving the interior a welcoming womb-like space. - stripping its outer skin of any structural role, leaving only the insulating one; thus any damage to it would not repeat the building's collapse. - making the building process a rapid fitting of few pre-assembled parts that can be brought by helicopter to the site. - the radial geometry of the structure incorporating a horizontal layout of several small size windows allowing for a composed panoramic view. - the structural elements of the building serving as furniture and partitions. Shelter capacity: 10-12 places. Status: Project favoured by Salvamont Argeș; applying for fundings.

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