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Overground subway station - Extension M2

Overground subway station - Extension M2

Authors: Dr.Arh. Mirela Lucia Terzi, Arh. Vlad Andreescu,, Arh. Consuela Dumitrescu,, Arh. Gheorghe Goiciu
Metroul S.A

Amenajare de suprafață: Ing. Luminița Enescu, Structură: Ing.Răzvan Burlacu, Ing.Cătălin Boroianu. Instalații complexe: Ing. Manuel Mândrea, Ing. Florin Barbu, Ing. Rodica Rotaru, Ing.Andrei Goiciu, Ing.Bogdan Axinte,Ing. Lucian Ionescu, Ing.Mișu Lazăr, Ing.Ioana Dumitrescu, Ing.Gheorghe Vasile.
Rețele edilitare: Georgescu
Project manager: Ing.Florian Bajenaru

Beneficiar: Primăria Sector 4 al Municipiului București

Authors’ Comment

The analysis of the existing situation resulted in the need for a new subterranean subway station. Concept pursued: - visual communication between the traveling public located on the overhead platform of the station and the adjacent area of the site, which is ensured by the lateral transparency of the proposed volumetry and by the chromaticity of the facade glazing; - The proposed tire on the side ends symbolizes two trains, sequentially found on the platform by two adjacent tubes, flanked and offset to the extremities; - Inspired by nature, chromatic and volumetric, the tree-shaped pillars support the suspended ceiling branches, and the skylights placed in the roof;

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