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always the sea

Authors: arh. Sultana Creanga


Authors’ Comment

a small guesthouse which should be built in the village, on a land near the sea, building P + 1E, which would have: 10 rooms, a place for owners and a little pub where the tourist could stop for talking and calms more thirst than hunger ensemble thinking with volumetry and materials that remind of the old houses in the area as follows: * roof with small slopes, covered with olans * executed walls: partially made of stone, apparently preserved, partially made of brick and thermo-system, plastered and painted white * long open terraces, with access to rooms, that keep the shade and coolness of spaces on hot days * large windows that encompass the landscape and visually magnify the surface of the rooms, protected by exterior blinds * an old wooden pergola that covers the ground near the bar, a place on which should be sofas with a wooden layered structure and big comfortable cushions * the low fence, friendly with the neighbors, built of stone and at the top with a rebord that takes the line of the parapet of the terraces and windows * the lawn courtyard with grassed tiles and grapevine which, with the passage of time, invaded the pergola, generating a protective vault