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Day care center for abandoned children

Day care center for abandoned children

Authors: arh. Ruben Mihai, arh. Horia Moldovan, arh. Daniel Mitrofan, arh. Cristian Mititelu

Structura: ing. Claudiu Soare

Beneficiar: Fundația "Inimi deschise"

Authors’ Comment

A children oriented brief, the maximum number of built levels, the need for parking places, have led the concept to a compact volume, cladded in warm colors, from which are sculptured or added voids of various sizes, just like in a game. The facade design - the simple or double module of the vertical cladding or the asymmetric drawing of the wooden panels come in the user's spirit of play. A valid urbanism certificate, solution accepted by the beneficiary, disapproval on behalf of neighbors on the grounds of "probable public peace disruption", abandoned project, land for sale.

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