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Safari Pavilion
  • Nomination for the “Architecture projects / Public Architecture” section

Safari Pavilion

Authors: arh. Sergiu C. Petrea, arh. Cristina Pintilie, arh. Sabrina Ene-Butnariu,
arh. Tania V. Băncilă, arh. Sebastian Apostol, arh. Dan Roșu
TECTO Arhitectura

Collaborators: Andreea Sălăjan

Authors’ Comment

The project aims to promote the discovery of four animals like reptiles, elephants, giraffes and birds through a series of four different pavilions using an experimental route. Throughout this path, any human being is encouraged to discover each structure, that are constantly playing with their imagination and senses. Each pavilion emphasizes and tries to represent the animals that were each designed for. Pavilions also have the role of directing visitors to the point where they can easily observe the wild animals in their natural habitat.

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