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Enescu Festival Hall

Enescu Festival Hall

Authors: arh.Mihai Eftenie, arh.Daniel Alecu, arh.Vlad Eftenie, arh.Ion Flondor, Prof.Dr.Arh. Mariana Eftenie
Baumarc proiect srl

Consultant rezistenta: Ing. Victor Nedrita (colonad proex)

Authors’ Comment

The project "Enescu Festival Hall" promote the concept of "LIFESYILE CENTER" adjoining in a 11 ha central area cultural functions– Philarmonic , National Library, Youth Centre with government buildings – Justice Village -, Business center–offices, hotel, mall and residential, a future "Urban Pole" around a 2 ha green area . The place is a privileleged one, in the central core of the city , on the axis Constitution Place –Union Plac –Alba Iulia Place . The Philharmonic new building will have a 2000 places Hall for concerts and opera and a 500 places small hall for chamber concerts .

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