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  • Nomination for the “Architecture projects / Public Architecture” section


Authors: arh. Andrei Theodor Ioniță, arh. Ioana Penescu, arh. Cosmin Anghelache

Beneficiar: L'association de la Chartreuse de Neuville

Authors’ Comment

The Chartreuse de Neuville’s historical layering generates a complex mechanism of chambered spaces which upon a closer reading does not reveal a clear order. This tessellation of rooms, gardens and galleries although consistent in their oscillations in the S - E, seems to dissolve or rather decompose towards the entrance of the complex. In an effort to reclaim order and clarity, corroborated with the cultural center’s functional specifications, it is imperative to see the monastery as an undifferentiated continuous network of sequential crossings/passages. These passages in their almost ritualized repetition, give the “obediences” validity by means of their presence. Liberated by its cluttering insides, the new cultural center is ennobled and is ensured multiple possibilities of existence. This in turn assures the Chartreuse de Neuville the fulfilment of it’s unaltered processional character.