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“St. Nectarios” Oncology Medical Centre

“St. Nectarios” Oncology Medical Centre

Authors: arh. Alina Popescu, arh. Ana Epure, arh. Liana Gheorghe, arh. Simona Ciupitu, arh. Flaviu Goia
Firm: K-BOX Construction Design SRL

Structure project: K-BOX Construction Design SRL
plumbing: Thermovent SRL

Authors’ Comment

The Oncology Centre represents one of the few private healthcare projects in Romania, especially in regional cities. Placed in the periphery of Craiova, the building is local a reference point both because of its function and of the architectural solution.

The functional and economic constraints of the project influenced the building mass and suggested a simple architectural approach, characterized by the materials and how they affect the massing proposal. The choice of colours and materials on the façade especially outlines this balance, highlighting the architectural honesty and simplicity as the main component of the proposal.

The building opens towards the public on the ground floor, which is accentuated by the transparent materials towards the main entrance, as well as in the portico area. The first level is reserved for the treatment facilities, and in the last level the conference halls and the offices are located.

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