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Petru Rareș 15 – Residential Building

Petru Rareș 15 – Residential Building

Authors: arh. Alina Ana Maria Popescu, arh. Irina Marinescu, arh. Horia Lupan, arh. Gheorghe Ghelase, arh. Varvara Karipidou
Firm: K-BOX Construction Design

Structure project: ing. Cristian Mitruș, ing. Marius Ispas (K-BOX Construction Design)
plumbing: Thermovent
Builder: Voinea Construct
Client: ELA Development
Photo: Andrei Mărgulescu

Authors’ Comment

To design a collective housing building in the central area of the city there are many aspects to be taken into consideration.
First, it is a responsibility to the urban context: the new building must bring something extra and certainly must not aggress the environment in which it is introduced or "received", the integration being done through height, withdrawals and materials.
Second, it is a responsibility towards the final customer, the buyer, who wants the promise of a maximum quality of housing: central area, functionally efficient apartments, good quality of finishes and facilities.
Finally, it is also about the responsibility towards the developer, which must be supported with proposals and solutions for obtaining a marketable product without quality discount, which should be a continuous pretext for innovations.
The building presented in this project proposed all this and, in this context, we consider that it managed to be an approach that, in a walk on Petru Rareș Street, over the years from now on, to be part of the story of a Bucharest "for people".

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