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H33 House

București, România
Authors: arch. Mihaela Daniela Mircea, arch. Radu Grosu / Inegal Design srl
Collaborators: Proiectare Structura: ing Nicolae Sandu (Saidel Engineering srl)
Proiectare Instalatii: ing Alexandru Marin (Global Proiect srl)

Authors’ Comment

The challenge was the design of a house for a family which includes Sasha, the border collie dog. The house had to be surrounded by green areas, with a public and a private garden, and the kitchen sink in front of the window. House’s volume resulted out of the intersection of simple volumes, horizontally slided, to obtain sheltered spaces for the entrance and for the living room’s terrace, while controlling sun exposure. The ground floor hosts the living room and all the day area, where the functions are brought together around the access hallway by the effect of natural light which comes in from different directions. The first floor, where the night area resides, floats over the ground floor, while capturing neighborhood’s views. Wood, stone, brick and metal were chosen to be noticed.

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