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H33 House

București, România
Authors: arch. Mihaela Daniela Mircea, arch. Radu Grosu / Inegal Design srl
Collaborators: Lemn: Ionel Stoica, Acant Design srl

Authors’ Comment

The house has been carved out of three volumes, with two of them shifted horisontally to create fluid spaces connected by an interior stairway wich became the challenge for the interior design Crafted out of oak, it starts from the basement and reaches the first floor. It is accompanied by the panelling which extends on three floors, sheltering on the ground floor, the storage space at the entrance. Its stairs extend to become shelves for the library in the living room and the library metamorphoses into the handrail on the first floor. Its details were carefully studied and after that, patiently crafted by a woodmaster. The oak was chosen as finish to give unity to the house, being present in every room.

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